The Sunshine Award (a non book-review Friday post)

I have won very few things in my life. There was a story contest in the first grade and a poetry contest in the third (they must have had very few entries for that one because I’ve seen the submitted poem and it was nine ways to awful). My only award as an adult has been winning second place in the Women on Writing’s flash fiction contest this past summer (which was really exciting – I might have cried a little, then promptly gone out and spent the award money on new running shoes and chocolate).

This morning, however, I woke up to a comment from antitheftpotseat saying I was nominated for the Sunshine Award…which I assumed was either an award for friendly bloggers or vampire hunting ones…either way, I’m in!

Seriously though, thanks so much for this – I love writing this blog and I look forward to discussing more books and ideas together.

(There’s seems to be some debate among recipients as to whether we should answer the questions below and add ten of our own, or answer the questions below and expect the other bloggers nominated to answer the same ones. antipotseat answered ten and added ten, so that’s what I’ll be doing as well.)

The Questions for me:

– Who shot first: Han (I don’t care what you say, George Lucas – you lost any right to speak after making those new Star Wars monstrosities.)

– Favorite historical figure: I don’t know. Who’s the guy who invented Pixar? Does he count? If not, I’m going with President Obama. I believe we need more well-spoken, thoughtful people in the history books. 

– My passion: Just one? Books, then.

– My favorite alcoholic beverage: Santa Barbara syrah (to be enjoyed with friends and a giant plate of summer tomato bruschetta)

– The weirdest bit of trivia I know: I’m sorry, but I have no idea. I’ve been trying to think of something for the last three hours, and I’m stuck. I don’t have a trivia-oriented brain (which is especially unfortunate since I love to go to Pub Trivia Night. I am the official dead weight of any team).

– Aisle or window: Window – I’m a plane-napping champion (and certainly don’t suffer crippling anxiety when asking people to get up for me when I have to go to the bathroom four times on one flight…)

– My perception of Twilight: Team Charlie! Yes, I’ve read them. Judge away, but just know you’re jealous as hell that you haven’t written a book that teenage girls will cease texting for (unless you have, in which case, rock on).

– My favorite sport I wish I played: Roller derby. Obviously.

– My favorite place to visit: I don’t have a single favorite. Kyoto is high on the list. And Boulder. I loved living in the Netherlands. This is hard. How could I just have one? 

– My regret: Not being a kinder person. I can be very blunt, especially with my family, and I wish I remembered to bite my tongue more often.


My nominees are as follows (and yes, I realize there are only four blogs listed, but I’m a terrible citizen of the world-wide web. Most of the blogs I read are personal, written by friends about their families, and although they’re amazing, I wouldn’t want to link to them here without permission.):

These are the rules that come with the award:

– Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
– Answer 10 questions about yourself
– Nominate 10 other fabulous bloggers
– Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
– Share the love and link the person who nominated you

The Questions for my nominees, should they choose to accept:

– What’s your go-to book when you need to change your perspective?

– If you could have been born in any country other than your own, where would you choose?

– What do you do to pass the time on long car trips?

– If you were a baseball player and you had to pick a song for them to play when you go up to bat, what would it be?

– If you could erase the existence of one kind of technology, what would you choose?

– Do cats really have nine lives?

– What trait would you like to strive for most – truth, compassion, or justice?

– Who would you turn to in those dark hours before the dawn?

– What’s one thing on your mental bucket list you plan to do this year?

– In ten words or less, what’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?