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Welcome to Books, j’adore!

I publish reviews every other Thursday on an eclectic selection of books for audiences of all ages. This is not a venue for negative (or even particularly objective) reviews; although every book published may not be written, plotted, or peopled well, I believe strongly in the following ideas about reading:

Plenty of sites offer objective reviews, and even more offer harsh critiques that would crush the spirit of the most resilient, experienced author. My perspective is that if you are brave enough to put your work out there, you deserve at least a modicum of respect; if you’re also talented and/or have worked hard enough to convince somebody to pay to publish that work, I should be smart enough to find some part of it worth discussing in a constructive way.

Life is short – if I hate a book so much in the first fifty pages that I believe I won’t have anything positive or interesting to say about it, I put it down and choose something else to read. Why should I subject myself to four hundred pages of torture when I have a list the length of my arm of fantastic suggestions from friends and commenters? Honestly though, it’s rare for me to come across such a book, mostly because I do read from a carefully chosen selection.

Even the worst books are enjoyed by someone – that person may be the author’s husband or best friend or mother – but who am I to rob either the author or a reader of joyful reading experience? No book appeals to every reader, but few things frustrate me more than this: people telling me they won’t give a book a chance or people deciding that because they don’t like a book, nobody would, or should.

I’m an independent reviewer and receive no compensation from authors for featuring their work on the site. I will also always disclose any personal or financial association I might have with a writer I review.

The simplest ways to receive my posts are to follow me through WordPress (an email will be sent whenever I update) or to add me to your RSS feed. Please note that all work on this site is copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without my express consent. I’m happy to give it, but do ask first.

11 thoughts on “About j’adore

  1. There is, of course, no such thing as an objective opinion. We all know that. So how could there POSSIBLY be an objective review?
    I’m going to have to work our this RSS feed business, dammit!
    Sighh … so many techo thing – so little time …

  2. I love this idea! People always rag on “trashy romance/ mystery novels” or other “unworthy” literature. But if it gets people to reading, it can’t be bad. A certain set of words on a page might not be your cup of tea, but they will be someones chai! Great idea, great blog.

  3. I really like what you said about discussing books in a constructive manner, but I just want to say, like was said above, I don’t think there can really be an objective review of a book. People are soooo different, they have different tastes, and some of these tastes are a result of their experiences. Ex. they may dislike a book because it reminds them of their abusive boyfriend/girlfriend. All a writer can do is to write their books and get it to an audience that will enjoy them and wisely keep away from any nonconstructive criticism.

  4. The very best San Francisco Book Club I ever belonged to was organized by leading SF teacher, lecturer, Diane Frankenstein – she is huge advocate for reading and YA Lit – and is a walking encyclopedia- in addition to being delightful.

  5. Would you be interested in a Christian Fantasy? No, it doesn’t involves dragons or anything like that. It involves witches and Christians. Odd mix i agree, but I am unusual person and you might be surprised by what you read.

    1. It sounds really interesting! Unfortunately, I’m not taking submissions at the moment, but if my schedule opens up again, I’ll be sure to post about it here. Best of luck – it’s always exciting to hear about writers working on new and interesting approaches to a genre!

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